These leaders are doing the work.

We at the Inclusion 1st™ Project are honored to recognize the work of incredible thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations who are using their unique talents and skills to create inclusive practices, communities, and spaces where all people can thrive. Check back often to meet new Inclusion 1st Allies and hear about allllll the great work that's happening! 

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Congratulations, Kaseba Chibweth!

We want to recognize Kaseba for using her voice to bring awareness to social justice-related issues. Kaseba's willingness to engage in uncomfortable conversations with those who are genuinely seeking understanding, educate herself before speaking on topics, & her kind-heartedness is what makes her stand out!

Support Kaseba's work by:

- Having an open mind

- Listening to understand not to respond

- Respecting & acknowledging people's truths

- Believing that people will always be stronger together than apart

- Checking out the panels, podcasts, & blogs that kaseba has participated in

August 16, 2021

Congratulations, Lea A Nepomuceno!

We want to recognize Lea for advocating for social justice reform within her community! The basis of Lea’s activism is rooted in the impact of empathy. Lea has helped design and implement community change projects that are breaking the stigma on formerly incarcerated youth by building stories of empathy into systemic change.

Support Lea's work by:

- Ensuring education & accessibility for the youth!

- Creating a space where all people are welcomed, seen, heard, & valued as their authentic selves.

- Including Gen Z & youth perspectives in your conversations.

If interested in learning more about Juvenile Justice Reform &/or supporting youth voices:




August 9,2021

Congratulations, Bella Quilici!

We want to recognize Bella for educating herself on antiracism by listening to other activists & having difficult conversations about addressing racial biases with friends & family!

Support Bella's work by:

- Joining a student activist group

- Educating yourself on current events & relevant issues

- Having conversations with Bella & other student activists on how to make the world a more inclusive place

August 2,2021

Congratulations, Isimemen Aladejobi!

We want to recognize Isimemen Aladejobi for helping to bridge the gap between top minority talent & the vast opportunities available to them. Her program, Fulfilled, offers transformative training, toolkits & frameworks paired with high-touch support, coaching, & personal feedback, to ensure that the women of color in the program have the keys to building their dream career & the richest version of their lives.

Work with this Ally:

Isimemen would like to invite anyone who has struggled to identify, secure, & land their dream job to apply here.

If you lead a community of women of color, please contact: [email protected] to collaborate!

July 7,2021

Congratulations, Candy Barone!

We want to recognize Candy Barone for bringing the discussion about antiracism into her leadership work and corporate training. By changing her branding to reflect more inclusive messaging and marketing, and working with more diverse companies as partners and vendors, Candy is fostering a more inclusive workplace.

Work with this Ally:

Engage in Candy's Facebook community: "Unpacking Racism" 

To elevate the conversation surrounding antiracism and bring this work into your space to shift the level of consciousness as well as raise the level of leadership, check out: "Enlightened SOULciety"


June 28,2021

Congratulations, Alli Myatt!

We want to recognize Alli Myatt, cofounder of The Equity Practice, for helping organizations & people move beyond conversations about race to being able to take actions for racial equity, diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

Work with this Ally:

If you're an organizational leader that is ready to figure out how you can change your internal practices to create a more diverse, equitable, & inclusive team, Contact: [email protected]

Check out The Identity Lab – a 4-month intensive that helps people identify the mindsets that may be blocking the ability to act in ways that are more equitable, & inclusive:


June 21,2021


Diana Pastora Carson! 

We want to recognize Diana Pastora Carson for her lifelong dedication to fostering a more inclusive world. Growing up, Diana saw first-hand how society mistreated her brother who was autistic. It inspired her to advocate for inclusion on behalf of him, as an educator in elementary & higher education, as well as through the children’s book she wrote titled "Ed Roberts: Champion of Disability Rights," and her book for educators, "Beyond Awareness: Bringing Disability into Diversity Work in K-12 Schools & Communities."

How you can support & work with Diana:

- Stay connected with Diana's books, speaking engagements, and upcoming podcasts and projects like her online Beyond Awareness course for educators and families.

- Access Diana's free e-book, "5 Keys to Going Beyond Awareness," here:

- Follow Diana on Instagram: @dianapastoracarson

- Go like her Facebook page:

June 14, 2021

Congratulations, Noemí Jiménez (she/her)!

We want to recognize Noemí Jiménez (she/her) for working to consciously build diverse teams, always emphasizing the importance of including underrepresented voices in important conversations, and bringing awareness to gaps of inequity.

Work with this Ally:

- qb. is a #womenownedbusiness share it with your network

- Hire qb. to speak

- Include qb. in the list of vendors for your next impact report, or your sustainability strategy

June 7, 2021


Miloney Thakrar! 

We’re recognizing Miloney Thakrar of Mind the Gender Gap, Inc. for her efforts to create a gender-equitable world. Miloney's work leverages technology and data storytelling to accelerate gender equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Miloney's Call to Action:

1. Listen to "Leveraging Technology to Advance Gender Equity" 
2. Read Mind the Gender Gap Inc.'s case study on Allyship for Gender Equity:

3. Schedule a Discovery Call with Mind the Gender Gap, Inc. to see how we can close the gender at your company at
or email Miloney directly at [email protected]


June 2, 2021


Lis Best!

We're super excited to recognize Lis Best, an Executive Coach for Women Changing the World, as an Inclusion 1st Ally! Lis believes that in order to address the climate crisis and other major challenges facing humanity, we need more feminine leadership and more women in positions of power.

Are you interested in coaching to help you create the life and career of your dreams? Book a (free!) alignment call here:

May 24, 2021


Madina Zermeño! 

We’re so excited to be recognizing the amazing Madina Zermeño as this week’s Inclusion 1st Ally! We admire Madina’s passion for social justice, political action, and awareness. Swipe to learn more about how this devoted ally is taking action!

Madina's Call to Action:

If you're a pre-law student, research the following organizations/internships and apply. You can find them on Instagram: @theborgenproject @lawyerupinternship

Find a mentor that will help keep you on track!
Follow my mentor: @_thevibemovement_

May 17, 2021


Kwame Sarfo-Mensah! 

This week we’re excited to recognize Kwame Sarfo-Mensah, Founder/CEO at Identity Talk Consulting, LLC. His allyship revolves around education and how antiracist practices can be implemented in the classroom.

Be on the lookout for Kwame's new book: "Shaping the Teacher Identity"

Are you a BIPOC educator, K-12 thru Higher-Ed? Take the survey below to support Kwame's book research on BIPOC Educator Perspectives on Antiracist Education in K-12 Schools.

To take the survey, visit: 

May 11, 2021


April Laster! 

This week we’re thrilled to recognize April Laster, CEO and Founder of Open Heart Leaders, as this week’s Inclusion 1st Ally! April’s efforts to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental health issues and break down the barriers of generational cycles not only foster a more inclusive world but provide healing to those who feel unheard and unseen. Not to mention, OHL is the only African American female-led organization in San Diego that provides full mental health and education services!

For more information, visit:

You can support OHL by sending volunteers/interns and also by donating to continue to help OHL grow!

April 19, 2021


Alex Waters! 

We're recognizing Alex Waters as an Inclusion 1st Ally for helping create an environment where diverse entrepreneurs are not only welcomed but celebrated for their ability to create new and sustainable businesses! CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center aims to provide more opportunities for low to moderate income and diverse founders.

Alex's call to action – "If you have experience as a business owner, startup founder, or executive to be a mentor for a program that is supporting diverse entrepreneurs. Certainly, we’d love for people to consider being a mentor for our program but it’s about more than just our program. Find an organization supporting inclusive entrepreneurship and provide some time, guidance, and insight for the next generation of founders. Our mentors have helped founders transform their business and in 10 hours over the course of a few months made a world of difference. So, even if you haven't mentored before or don't think you have great lessons to teach, there is an amazing opportunity to help someone. "

For more information, please visit:

April 12, 2021


Marissa Davis! 

Congrats to Marissa Davis for winning this week’s Inclusion 1st Ally Award! Marissa fosters a more inclusive world by helping companies create impact strategies and advising on how inclusion can be incorporated into their products, services, and professional communities. 

For more information:
If you know of a company or organization that is actively trying to figure out how to build more inclusive products, services, and professional communities with impact in mind, please encourage them to check out our website, shoot us a message, and we'll see how we might be able to help.

Marissa's LinkedIn:

April 5, 2021


Dr. Ebony J. Wilkins! 

Dr. Ebony J. Wilkins is the winner of this week's Inclusion 1st Ally Award! Her allyship is all about representation and helping BIPOC’s feel seen and empowered to share their experiences. This is so important when creating a more inclusive world.

For more information:

Ebony Kids subscriptions are a great way to encourage reading and introduce young readers to stories about Black life with books that are created by Black artists.

You can read more and subscribe here:

Find Ebony on Facebook:

March 29, 2021


Tanya Hertz! 


We’re excited to recognize Tanya Hertz as an Inclusion 1st Ally! Tanya is the Director of the REC Innovation Lab on the campus of Miramar College where she helps people to launch scalable, high-growth startups that use technology to solve problems. The REC Innovation Lab at Miramar College is providing critical resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passions and turn ideas into startups.

For more information:
Join the REC Innovation Lab! You will be starting down a rewarding and exciting journey towards mentoring students who are proud to participate in our impactful REC Innovation Lab startup incubator through the Miramar College Entrepreneurship Program. Your name will be added to platform and you can expect to hear from students who reach out to you, for advice on their startups, to potentially judge competitions, and to be a speaker in a class or virtual workshop. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining the REC Innovation Lab as a mentor.

March 22, 2021


Kurling Robinson! 

We’re excited to recognize Kurling Robinson, CEO of Fōkcus, as this week's Inclusion 1st Ally for his allyship in supporting entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups in growing their businesses!

For more information:

You can bring the Fōkcus mentoring platform into your organization to support your entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses!

Schedule a call with Kurling to talk about how we can co-create a solution that helps your program too.

Sign up for our email list to be invited to join our free weekly Tech School podcast:

March 15, 2021


Kyle Ali! 

We’re honored to award Kyle Ali, Talent Development Team Lead at Google, with the Inclusion 1st Ally Award! Kyle’s allyship goes above and beyond as he works with senior leaders on diversity and inclusivity initiatives at Google. He is involved in several civic pursuits that support youth of color in Texas and participates in panels where he provides his expertise in allyship and taking action!

For more information:

Kyle encourages rising college freshmen with an interest in computer science to apply to Google's Computer Science Summer Institute ( The application closes March 29!

Sign up for an upcoming Allyship in Action or Negotiation For Professionals workshop through General Assembly (

Take time to learn more about the challenges homeless youth face in Austin and consider donating to LifeWorks ( Check out the brilliance of the Flames and Sparks of Building Opportunities and Opening Minds (BOOM) and consider donating to support our expanding work in North Texas (

BOOM - LinkedIn:

LifeWorks - LinkedIn:

March 8, 2021


Eva Medilek! 

It’s our great pleasure to recognize the accomplished Eva Medilek for her work creating safe & inclusive spaces where people can have the uncomfortable conversations about racism. Her book “The Intimacy of Race” is a great 1st step in learning just what it takes to become an ally. We applauded Eva for her commitment to building inclusion and a stronger, more united world!

For more information:

Get Eva's book, "The Intimacy of Race"

Join The Intimacy of Race page on Facebook for action steps on how to become a more impactful ally for Black lives!

To connect with Eva, visit:

March 1, 2021


Sarah Bacerra!

This week's Inclusion 1st Ally Award goes to Sarah Bacerra, Inclusion Strategist, Learning Experience Designer, and Certified High-Performance Coach. She's works to build organizational cultures of curiosity, belonging, and intention. Her work not only supports all women but communities of color in the fight to obtain equal rights. Sarah’s allyship shines bright in her career, moving us towards achievements in pay equity, gender parity, and racial justice.

For more information:

Join us in the fight for equality! Every action, small or big, helps us get closer to achieving equity and justice for all.

Find ways to get started:


February 22, 2021


Victoria Gibbs!

We are proud to recognize Victoria Gibbs as an Inclusion 1st Ally for her work supporting women and people of color living with Lupus! As an ally, Victoria constantly uses her platform to share various practices and tools that not only educate but empower the people around her.

For more information:

Knowing the symptoms and the resources available to those directly or indirectly affected by the disease will make all of the difference. Every little bit helps!

Please head to to learn more and/or Find Victoria on Instagram too! 

February 15, 2021


Bridgette Austin!

Bridgette Austin of B. Austin Consulting is this week’s Inclusion 1st Ally! Her work as an Ally helps create opportunities for underrepresented members of our community. Her hard work and dedication to coaching individuals on how to overcome challenges personally and professionally is why we want to recognize her greatness!!.

For more information:

If you’re a veteran seeking guidance on the personal & professional challenges in your ability to adapt to the civilian working environment or an employer of veterans looking for the best fit for your organization, visit:

B. Austin Consulting also provides resources for career opportunities for military family members!


February 8, 2021


Kyle Moss!

The Inclusion 1st™ Project is excited to recognize Kyle Moss, Founder & Joyful Mindset Coach at Experts Together! Her allyship is all about encouraging women of all backgrounds to live their fullest, healthiest, and most vibrant lives. Go, Kyle! Your hustle and dedication certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and is lifting women everywhere, every day.

For more information:

Consider what it means to live in JOY vocationally, relationally, & personally...and if you have any hesitation at all on what that means to you, sign up for a FREE 30 minute "Joy Session" here.

Join Experts Together on Facebook!


February 1, 2021


Christine DiDonato!

We’re thrilled to award Christine DiDonato, founder of Career Revolution, Inc., with this week's Inclusion 1st™ Ally Award! Her allyship is all about equal opportunities and providing necessary resources for emerging professionals.

For more information:

Visit Career Revolution online! You can bring the AccelerateME Program into your organization to teach your emerging professionals how to own their careers. 

You can also purchase the book, "Get There Faster" on Amazon for yourself or the young professionals in your team or life!

January 25, 2021


Angel Wilson!

We are very excited to recognize Angel Wilson as an Inclusion 1st™ Ally! As the owner of SPARC Guidance, Angel has dedicated over a decades work to assisting families impacted by Autism. Many minority families lack access to the same medical and educational resources that non-black families benefit from.

For more information:

Visit SPARC Guidance 

You can email Angel at [email protected] or follow SPARC Guidance on Instagram and send a direct message

January 18, 2021


Julius Alejandro!

We’re recognizing Julius Alejandro of Village Up for conducting extensive research to identify the diversity barriers in the San Diego tech ecosystem and for advocating for policy change that will create more opportunities for underserved communities.

For more information:

If you are an entrepreneur of a startup please take this survey

Attend Village Up meetings and get involved in a subcommittee by emailing: [email protected]

January 11, 2021


Amy Titus & Jaimeson McCarthy!

We’re recognizing Amy Titus and Jaimeson McCarthy of Rooted Scales for educating largely overlooked communities of color on the benefits of plant and herbal medicine. Access to natural products and self-sustaining resources should be equally attainable by all as it is crucial to restoring life's balance.

For more information:

Visit Rooted Scales

Follow on Instagram

Support urban community gardens and farmers!

December 21, 2020


Tina Medina!

We’re recognizing Tina Medina of the VIBE Movement for her efforts to help both educators and parents understand all the ways in which color impacts our lives. As an ally, her work helps others discover the action steps necessary to make a positive impact.

For more information:

Visit VIBE Movement

Follow VIBE Movement on Facebook and Instagram

December 14, 2020


Yennie Rautenberg-Loya!

We’re recognizing Yennie Rautenberg-Loya of Rautenberg Coaching for enabling corporate cultures where everybody has a sense of belonging, is
empowered to participate, and thrives.

For more information:

Visit Rautenberg Coaching 

Follow Rautenberg Coaching on LinkedIn and Instagram

December 7, 2020


Tanorria Askew!

We're recognizing Tanorria YoLanda Askew of Tanorria's Table for her activism and constant effort to educate her community about anti-racism through workshops, webinars, and more. We applaud Tanorria, an anti-racism culture curator, for making a constant effort to have difficult conversations about race and privilege.

For more information:

Contact Tanorria via Instagram to receive helpful resources on racism, privilege, and more!

November 30, 2020

Congratulations, Malesha Taylor!

We're recognizing Malesha Taylor at museSalon Collaborative for using the arts as a catalyst for change. She provides transformative solutions to mission-driven agencies through racial equity strategy and implementation, program design, and community-centered collaborations.

For more information: 

Schedule a conversation about Consulting, Workshops, Speaking Engagements 

Follow Malesha on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

November 23, 2020

Congratulations, David & Tina Valencia!

We're recognizing David and Tina Valencia at V Collective for honoring the craft of hairdressing, assisting all hair types in understanding and loving quality hair care, and creating an inclusive environment for everyone who walks into the salon.

For more information:

Book an appointment

Follow V Collective on Instagram and Facebook

November 16, 2020

Congratulations, Michaële!

We're recognizing R.M. Michaële at Curios for helping to take the 'training wheels' off of difficult conversations in the workplace by providing real-time, actionable tools for the curious, conscious, & courageous conversations we need to have.

For more information:

Schedule a Discover Session

Follow Curios on Instagram

Connect on LinkedIn

November 9, 2020

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