Antiracism for Allies: Advocating for Women of Color

A multi-generational discussion.

In Recognition of Women's History Month

In this special Women’s History Month Antiracism for Allies, we’ve assembled a multi-generational panel of community thought leaders to discuss the importance of advocating for Women of Color as we strive for equity and justice for all.  

What's your #1 question on Advocating for Women of Color?

Share a questions and join us for this candid and authentic conversation at the intersection of antiracism, advocacy, & Black and Brown women.  

Topics of Discussion:

  • How are antiracism & feminism are deeply connected?
  • What does a good ally to Black and Brown women look like?
  • When should White women pass the mic and when should they grab it?
  • How do we ensure Black and Brown voice are sought out on gender issues?
  • …and more!

This session runs off your questions so grab your free spot today and send in a question that’s most important to you. Select questions will be answered live by the panelists!

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